are you like voodoo clan in american horror story coven??

Oh my goodness no. My ancestors were the voodoo experts. The grimoires and knowledge my family had stopped being passed down generations ago. One side of my family is associated with voodoo practice, but the other half is extremely religious. When my great grandfather met his wife he tried to bury and deny his background in the dark arts because he didn’t want my great grandmother to leave him because he loved her so much. So, much of my history I don’t even know, let alone the practice. You can’t imagine how ripped off I feel. XD

I just wanted to say that you're cool. youre very pretty, and from all the asks youve gotten you seem very sweet and classy. keep being you :3

You are a perfect doll. c: Thank you, I hope everything’s going great with you. c:


littlepinkkittenshop~ <3

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